Giving Back

To me, candle making has become something very personal and close to my heart. After losing my mom to Cancer I wanted to do something as a tribute to her life. My mom loved candles. There wasn’t a time we went to a home store without wandering the candle aisle!
To honour her memory, we are committed to using our business for the greater good and

as a company, we have a mission to  "Shine A Light on Cancer".

While creating high quality products we also seek to spotlight and bring awareness and support to this horrible disease by donating to various cancer organizations each month for both our 2 legged and 4 legged friends.

Your purchase is making a difference beyond the walls of your home. Know that each time you light your candle, it serves as a symbol to shine a light on Cancer research.

Most recently we have also decided to help support our 4-legged friends. Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in dogs. Of the more than 100 million dogs in North America, about two in four will develop cancer and one in four will die from some form of this dreaded disease. In some purebred dogs, the percentages could be even higher.

Last year we had the honour of fundraising through a TikTok account we started to show off our adorable, crazy Boxer and 2 English Bulldogs. The response we had to that fundraiser meant so much to us and we raised just shy of $2000 which we donated to OVC Pet Trust in Guelph ON Canada.

OVC Pet Trust is Canada’s first charitable fund dedicated to improving and advancing companion animal health and well-being. Their vision is to improve life for pets and the people who love them.


Another organization we are so happy to be supporting is Kali’s Wish.

Kali's Wish Cancer Foundation is the first and only registered charity in Canada to solely support pet guardians and their families facing pet cancer. Their mission is to provide guardians and their families with the resources and emotional support needed to navigate pet cancer.


While we understand there is much more work to be done when it comes to giving back, we want to thank you, our dear customers, for helping us help others and making this journey possible for us. Together we are stronger!

When you light your new candle, share the hashtag #shinealightoncancer