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Pink Aura Handcrafted

Car Diffuser

Car Diffuser

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Are you looking for a new way to add fragrance in your car, with scents that you actually like? 

Make your car a delight to be in with our Hanging Car Diffuser! Perfect for those who love a pleasant fragrance while driving.

Our car diffusers are reusable and easy to install. They come equipped with a glass bottle, a wooden cap, plastic topper, rope, and diffuser oil. 

With an 8ML capacity, the diffuser is made of high-quality materials that are designed to last. It comes with easy-to-follow instructions that make it hassle-free to use. 

Our Hanging Car Diffusers come in a variety of scents so you can choose the perfect one for your mood.

The strength and intensity of the smell can be controlled by you. If you prefer a more subtle smell, then only tip the bottle over for a second or two, but if you would like a stronger scent, the tip it a little longer until it is well saturated.

With its compact size and sleek design; this diffuser blends seamlessly into any car interior. So why wait? Try out one of our awesome scents today!


Please note: Fragrance oils do vary in colors and may be darker than what is shown in photo.




1.Unscrew wooden cap and carefully remove plastic stopper

2.Replace wooden cap until secure

3.Hold the diffuser upside down for about 3 seconds to allow wooden cap to saturate with fragrance oil. Make sure to not hold sideways so the oil doesn't spill. 

4.Replace plastic stopper to avoid spills.

5.Turn bottle upright, tie rope above wooden ball and hang in your car. Do not hang on turn signal, gear shift, or windshield wiper lever. 

6.Enjoy the amazing smell! 

7.When top is dry refresh scent by repeating above steps.

8.Clean up any spills right away to avoid damage


The hanging car diffuser comes packaged in a clear plastic pouch with a complimentary care card. 

We recommend re-applying the plastic topper after every use as it can avoid spills.


Please use the product as directed. You need to take precaution when opening the bottle and removing the plastic stopper, as well as when turning the bottle over. 

Do not oversaturate the wooden cap. This may lead to oil spills, which can cause damage to the plastic/vinyl interior of your car. If any oil spills, wipe away immediately with a cloth. 

Avoid contact with skin and eyes, do not ingest. Do not use where visibility is compromised or obscured. Pink Aura Handcrafted is not responsible for incorrect use. 

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    Jamie Kuzanek
    Always my favorite package to receive!

    The product and customer service are unmatched. Absolutely LOVE my car diffuser!!