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Pink Aura Handcrafted

Pup-Pourri Dog + Bedding Spray

Pup-Pourri Dog + Bedding Spray

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Our Dog & Bedding Spray is excellent for those who are concerned about odor on our dogs' coats and in their bedding. This is an effective deodorizer that can be used in between bath times or any time you want to freshen up your dog with a wonderful scent--a scent that is pleasant to you and also to your dog--formulated with a blend of essential oils that calm and benefit your dogs health. 

Pink Aura Dog & Bedding Spray is a powerful multiuse sanitizer as it's also good to use on your dog's toys, blankets and favorite carpet areas.

We make our spray in small batches from 100% all natural therapeutic grade essential oils. No toxins or added chemicals. Healthy coconut oil and vegetable glycerin help to add moisture to your dog's coat as well.

Easy to use, just spray on until coat feels damp enough to massage in but not wet, using care to stay away from face, nose and ears. Massage to distribute evenly throughout coat. Let air dry and brush as needed.

Best when used within 9 months.

Please note: This is recommended for dogs only. 
**********Since every pet is different, I recommend testing the spray to be sure your pet is not allergic to any of the ingredients. ************


Why Fractionated Coconut Oil?
*Coconut Oil has been proven helpful in disinfecting and healing wounds, cuts, bites, hotspots and stings.
*Coconut Oil moisturizes the driest skin and will make your pet’s skin gleam with health
*Coconut Oil adds shine and even more conditioning to your pet's coat leaving it feeling silky smooth between baths.
*Coconut Oil improves your pets' skin condition thus improving their overall health.

Why Vegetable Glycerin?
*Vegetable Glycerin adds moisture to the dog's fur and acts as a leave-in conditioner
*Vegetable Glycerin is a powerful but gentle cleanser that won’t strip the skin or hair of its natural oils
*Vegetable Glycerin can soften and soothe irritated skin
*Vegetable Glycerin is very mild and excellent to use on sensitive skin
*Vegetable Glycerin is a humectant; it can attract moisture to your dog’s skin and keep it locked in!

Why Lavender essential oil?
*Lavender has great calming effects, it can also calm irritated skin.

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Customer Reviews

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Jamie Kuzanek
Best smelling stuff I’ve ever found!

If you have puppies, of all shapes and sizes, this needs to be a staple in your dog care routine. Not only does it make them smell good but it can also be sprayed on their bedding to keep everything fresh and safe from smelling like “dog”. 10/10 recommend!


Amazing product. Amazing customer service!!!!