Why Coconut Wax Is Better For Candles

Why Coconut Wax Is Better For Candles

Perhaps you’ve heard about the coconut wax craze, but you’re not so sure as to why it’s a better choice. Keep reading to learn the benefits of coconut wax and why we at Pink Aura Handcrafted create our candles using a natural coconut blend wax.


  • Environmentally Friendly

If you’re all about saving the planet, coconut wax candles are the perfect fit for you because they are the most eco-friendly type of candle produced. They have a very minimal environmental impact. You can comfortably enjoy your coconut wax candle without feeling guilty of harming the environment.

While no candle flame will be entirely soot-free, in comparison to the soy and paraffin counterparts, coconut wax candles burn the cleanest.

Coconut wax is produced by pressing the oil out of the coconut meat and goes through a process of hydrogenation. It is filtered and cleaned giving you 100% natural, and fully biodegradable wax. Nothing is added when producing coconut wax – not even pesticides while farming, due to the hard protective exterior of coconuts that naturally ward off insects and wildlife.

Coconut is a renewable and high yield crop which means less coconuts are needed to get a sizable about of product. Making it one of the most eco-friendly waxes on the market.

Fun fact – One coconut tree can produce fruit for up to 80 years and can have up to 180 coconuts harvested in one year under ideal situations.

  • Burns Slow and Evenly

Coconut wax burns slower than any other wax on the market so you can enjoy one of your favourite candles for longer while knowing you are getting more bang for your buck! Their even burn means you can enjoy all of what the candle has to offer instead of being left with half the product stuck to the sides!

  • Amazing Scent Throw.

Their ability to hold fragrances is top-notch.

Fragrance oils blend seamlessly with coconut wax, producing a superior scent throw meaning it throws the scent beautifully well and the scent will last.

What do we mean by scent throw...Scent throw describes the quality of that smell — how strong or weak it is, and how it permeates throughout the room.

When a candle hasn’t been lit the aroma that the wax gives off is called the cold scent throw, or "cold throw".

When the wick of the candle is lit the fragrant smell that is released from the melted wax pool is called the hot scent throw or "hot throw". 

  • Beautiful Aesthetics

Coconut wax candles are amazingly beautiful. The wax color can range from cream to bright white.

The candle wax is entirely odorless so you don’t have to worry if you aren’t a fan of the coconut smell.

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