Why Candles Are Good for Your Health

Why Candles Are Good for Your Health

Candles have been around for more than 5000 years. Nowadays though, they are more than just a source of light. A candle is also much more than a nice piece of décor that smells nice.

Candles play an integral role in our mental health. The sense of smell plays an important role in the physiological effects of mood and stress according to researchers. Candles emit scents that create specific feelings in the mind and body.


  1. They Can Help with Your Sleep

It’s no longer a necessity but living by candlelight in the evening is helpful for quieting the mind and prepares you for a restful sleep. More than ever, proper sleep patterns are a key to living a happier and healthier life. Candlelit evenings trigger the body to unwind.


  1. They Help Reduce Stress and Improve Mood

Science has shown that candles can help soothe us. Whether its from the flame of a candle, when looking at can instantly lower stress levels. There are reasons people have used candlelight to meditate for centuries! You’d be amazed what staring into the flame of a candle can achieve.

There are a wide variety of scents specifically crafted to activate chemicals in the brain like serotonin and dopamine to support a positive mood and lower cortisol.


  1. Stimulates Positive Past Memories

Lighting a candle is a wonderful way to get lost in the moment. Studies have shown that emotions and memories are triggered by certain scents and have the ability to lift your mood and take you back to those happy times.


  1. Creates Ambiance

Candles have a way of transforming a space and changing the way we feel by making it feel more welcoming and creating a cozy atmosphere. We’ve seen this countless times in romantic settings but also as a way of welcoming guests in our home or setting your space up for a yoga session.


  1. Helps Set a Ritual

Burning candles day or night can be part of a certain ritual, whether its while having a bath, meditating, a yoga session or as part of your nightly wind down routine to prepare for a restful sleep. Rituals enable us to connect with our thoughts and feelings and using a candle can provide an extra sense of calm and enhance your focus.



As you can see from above, candles do more for our wellbeing than we would have thought. Find a way to start incorporating candles in to your life and begin enjoying the many benefits that come from it!

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